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Our Personal Training Team

Why not learn fitness from the best?  With strong athletic backgrounds and multiple strength records, our trainers are the leaders in the gym and the fitness industry.

Jason_Cook_Stength_Conditioning CoachJason Cook, BSc, CSCS

Head Personal Trainer

His friends call him Jay.  Backed by a long and strong athletic resume, Jay leads the Xconditioning team with a lifetime of competition, having played high level baseball through high school and college; and has since spent his time becoming one of the strongest men in the country, holding multiple National powerlifting records and winning multiple gold medals.  Jay is an NCCP certified coach, and is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist – not your average resume.

Jay has an incredible passion for the success of himself and his clients, and his no-nonsense, no frills approach to fitness will take your body to levels only previously dreamed of.


Some of Jason’s athletic achievements are as follows:

  • GPC Raw World Record Squat
  • GPC 6 Time National Record Setter (all together raw and equipped)
  • CPL 4  Time National Record Setter
  • CLP National Gold Medalist and Best Overall Lifter
  • GPC National Gold Medalist
  • Canadian Powerlifting Gold Medalist and National Squat Record Holder (220lbs weight class)
  • GPC Canadian Powerlifting Silver Medalist (198lbs weight class)
  • GPC Canadian Powerlifting Silver Medalist (198lbs weight class)
  • WNSO West Bodybuilding Lightweight Silver Medalist
  • BCABBA Western Canadian Bodybuilding Middleweight Bronze Medalist
  • BCSBA All Province All Star Second Baseman
  • WNSO Prairies Bodybuilding Junior Division Gold Medalist
  • WNSO Prairies Bodybuilding Welterweight Division Silver Medalist
  • CCBC 1st Team All Conference All-Star Second Baseman

Prince_George_Xconditioning_Strength_Conditioning _Coach_Mike_WebberMike Webber, NSCA-CPT

Personal Trainer

Mike is big.  And strong.  And he has been studying strength, power, and performance longer than he has been winning powerlifting meets – well over 10 years.  Mike has squatted over 900lbs, bench pressed over 600lbs, and deadlifted over 600lbs.  He takes great pride in delivering the best guidance and insight into the world of strength, fitness and sports performance, and Xconditioning clients are the direct beneficiaries of Mike’s great knowledge, skill, and coaching.   Mike is an NCCP certified coach and an NSCA Certified Personal Trainer.

Mike infectious passion for the world of strength and fitness is hard to ignore –  and Mike has the uncanny ability to get himself and clients to new levels of strength and conditioning while having a great time in the gym.

Some of Mike’s athletic achievements are as follows:

  • 2 Time GPC Bench Press National Record Setter
  • WPC Western Canadian Powerlifting Champion
  • BC’s Strongest Man Champion
  • Okanagan Strength Weekend Strongman Champion
  • Okanagan Strength Weekend Powerlifting Champion
  • 3 Time GPC National Powerlifting Gold Medalist
  • 4 Time CPC National Powerlifting Gold Medalist
  • WDFPF World Championship Squat Gold Medalist
  • CDFPA National Powerlifting Gold Medalist
  • GPC National Squat, Bench Press, and Deadlift Record Setter
  • Athletic Union Strict Curl World Record
  • 5 Time CPF National Record setter
  • Powerlifting Watch Ranking: Best of the Best Masters #9 All Time

Prince_George_ersonal _Trainer_Tara_GreenTara Green, NSCA-CPT

Assistant Personal Trainer

An incredible talent in the strength world, Tara is already the owner of over 10 world records at only 24, and is on her way to a very bright future in the fitness industry.  Tara joined the Xconditioning Power Team in 2010 and has since experienced success at National and International Competitions.  Tara has been involved in the fitness industry as a trainer since 2006, and is an NSCA Certified Personal Trainer.

Tara’s work ethic is unparalleled, and her ability to motivate and push herself and her clients is a tremendous addition to the Personal Training Team.

Some of Tara’s athletic achievements are as follows:

  • CPL Gold Medalist and Best Female Lifter SP
  • 4 Time CPL National Record Setter
  • 3 Time CPF Gold Medalist
  • USPA Gold Medalist
  • 2 Time GPC Squat, Bench Press, Deadlift and Total World Record Holder
  • GPC National Record Squat, Bench, Deadlift
  • BC Strongman Provincial Championships: BC’s Strongest Woman
  • 2 Time GPC Canadians Best Overall Female RAW Lifter Award
  • 2 Time GPC National RAW Squat, Bench Press and Deadift Record Holder
  • 2 Time BC Freestyle Skiing Series Gold Medal Winner
  • Canada Winter Games Qualifier
  • BC Games (Freestyle Skiing): Bronze Medallist in Single Moguls

 Prince_George_Xconditioning_Fitness_Trainer_Danielle_LavalleeDanielle Lavallee, NCSA-CPT

Assistant Personal Trainer

Danielle is a certified personal trainer and is the newest member to the training team here at X. She has a strong athletic background and plenty of pure raw talent in weightlifting. As a hard working and incredibly gifted lifter she set three CPL National Records and won Best Female RAW Lifter at her first ever meet. She also led Xconditioning’s Fit-Ass-Females to a glorious FemSport victory in the summer of 2014. This is just the beginning for Danielle of what is already, and will continue to be, a very impressive career in fitness industry and in athletic performance as a powerlifter. She is an inspiration to all the women at the gym and is committed to helping all females find their strength.