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The will to win is important,
but the will to prepare is vital.

This training program is open to athletes of all sports aged 12 years and up.

Our Athletic Performance Program has produced some of Prince George’s finest athletes such as the NHL’s Brett Connolly, Nick Drazenovic, and Brandon Manning – we have athletes competing at every professional and amateur level of many sports including hockey, baseball, football, soccer, basketball, speed skating, motocross, alpine skiing, BMX, triathlons, mixed martial arts, boxing, cycling, figure skating, and golf!


Our Athletic Performance Program is a must-attend for any Prince George athlete looking to make significant strides in overall athletic performance.  To be your best, you need to train with the best.  

With this program you can expect:

– Athletic improvements in speed, power, agility, and strength
– Improved anaerobic capacity and sport-specific conditioning
– Age-specific programming and coaching

- Overall performance increases in your athleticism

How the Program Works:

Our Personalized Programs are designed for YOU.  You tell us your goals and BAM we take care of your program!  Let our expert staff design, and lead you through your training of choice – once enrolled, you will receive personalized, detailed training plans every time you attend – designed to address YOUR current fitness level and goals – leave the gym uncertainty in the past!  We will program and coach you, ensuring proper technique, effort, and results are at the forefront of every workout.

Looking for some high intensity group classes to go with your Weight Loss training?? Pair your Personal Program with our Group Fitness Classes in our Premium Fitness Program - click the button to check it out!

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