Why not enjoy going to the gym?? Our Group Fitness (ages 18+) boasts an amazingly supportive group of fitness goers, with all fitness levels (yes it is all fitness levels!) working their butts off and supporting each other through our cross training circuits.  Each 60 minute workout is coached by one of our expert staff and includes a warmup, cool down,  and  instruction  throughout the structured class.  Take the guesswork out of things and let us lead you through the coolest, most butt-whoopin', most fun workout of your life! 


Get into shape in our friendly, competitive group atmosphere led by our expert team – you’ll be itching to come to the gym after you knock out some of our custom-designed workouts and you’re hooked with our passion for fitness and for your success.



Looking for something more than just group classes?? Pair unlimited classes with our Personalized Programs in our Premium Fitness Program - click the button to check it out!