IPF Approved.


Springier and more flexible for MAXIMUM REVOLUTIONS.


All lengths feature 2 inch wide military-grade Aplix hook-and-loop technology which is 30% stronger than Velcro!


The Titanium material stores and returns 20% more power with a minimal addition of mass.


Features 3/4 elastic thumb loop which comes with a 6 month guarantee.


Made in the USA with the strictest of standards.


Wraps tend to come in two styles: a) Very stiff materials, that are don't stretch a lot, so they need length to provide enough layers, or b) stretchy materals that you can pull longer to get that nice tight feel. THP and Signature Gold are the former, Titanium's are the latter. If you like a stretchier wrap, Titaniums are the wrap for you!

Titan Titanium Wrist Wraps 24"

SKU: titan-tww-24