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These terms and conditions are entered into by and between ADVANCED STRENGTH CONCEPTS (DBA Xconditioning) (hereinafter: “Xconditioning”) and You (hereinafter: “the Member”).


The membership entitles the usage of Xconditioning staffing and facilities and the equipment & services available therein. The memberships are identified as being one of the following: Base Memberships (which include unlimited open gym access and unlimited Group Fitness), Personalized Coaching Services (Semi-Private Training), or Private Group Training.

Membership and Refund Policy:

The membership is personal, and cannot be shared, and is non-refundable (refunds may be granted on a case to case basis with a Physician’s note or if you have moved out of Prince George).

Age Restrictions:

Base Memberships and Personalized Coaching can begin at age 12 and have no age limit.  Private Group Sessions are not bound by age and will be assessed by Xconditioning on a case-by-case basis.

Lost Property or Theft:

Xconditioning is not responsible for any loss or theft of any personal belongings. Any items left in Xconditioning premises will be kept for a period of 2 weeks.


Members do hereby further declare themselves to be physically sound and suffering from no condition, impairment, disease, infirmity or other illness that would prevent their participation in these activities or use of equipment or machinery.  Members acknowledge that they have had a physical examination and have been given permission by their physician to participate in, or they have decided to participate in exercise activities, programs, and the use of equipment or machinery without the approval of their physician, and do hereby assume all responsibility for their participation in activities, programs, and use of equipment or machinery.  Members do hereby forever waive, release, and discharge Xconditioning and its instructors from any claims or liabilities for injuries or damages to the person and/or property. 

Code of Conduct:

Xconditioning strives to keep a friendly and welcoming environment for all of its members.  Members shall respect the gym, it’s equipment, trainers, visitors, as well as all other members at all times.  

membership Monthly Payment Schedule:

Upon signing up, a member will have their first payment prorated to the 1st of the following month.  The prorated amount is due at sign up.  Monthly Membership dues (amount will include GST and will be based on services rendered) will be charged to the member’s credit card of EFT on file on the 1st of each month.  It is the member’s responsibility to keep their payment information up to date. 

Membership Hold/Cancellation Policy:

We understand that things come up and life happens – that’s why all of our Base Membership Contracts (12 month, 6 month) are subject to the following hold and cancellation policies to give your membership some flexibility.

Hold Policy
  • All memberships can be put on HOLD one time for a minimum of one month, up to a maximum of 3 consecutive months, within a single term at no charge.

  • HOLD requests must be submitted in writing at the gym or via email (sent to 7 days prior to your next billing date.

  • One HOLD is permitted for each term

Cancellation Policy
  • Request for cancellations must be submitted in writing at the gym or via email (sent to 30 days prior to the requested cancellation date.

  • Administrative fees will be waived with a medical note.

Early Cancellation Fees
  • 12 month contract: Fees must be paid in full to the 6 month mark.  After 6 months there is no charge for cancellation.

  • 6 month contract: Fees must be paid in full to the 3 month mark.  After 3 months there is no charge for cancellation.

Punch Card Policy:

Punch Cards are used on an attendance only basis and will expire after 365 days.  Punch cards are transferrable to immediate family only.

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