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welcome to xconditioning

Prince George's Best Gym!

take a tour!

Come for a walk-through with Tara at our new location as she shows off everything we have to offer!

  • Strength training equipment

  • Conditioning equipment

  • Athletic turf

  • Plenty of bars

  • Lots of equipment you won't see anywhere else in town!

Come and see the best gym in town for yourself!


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start your free 7-day pass today

Come and try out all of our services for a full week!

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At Xconditioning, we love helping our clients reach their fitness goals. From first time gym-goers to elite athletes and everything in between, let our talented training team lead you to your goals.

 Build your custom membership below based on your goals.

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base memberships

Your journey starts with our base membership.


All of our base memberships give you unlimited access to our awesome group fitness classes (over 40 hours of classes offered every week!), as well as unlimited open gym access. Click below for more info on our Group Fitness.

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serious about your goals?

add-on personalized coaching services to your

base membership

Take the guesswork out of your training and add our world-renowned programming and coaching.  Choose your desired number of programmed sessions each week on top of your base membership and you've got a membership that really rocks!

man performing a tricep exercise

With our Personalized Programming you receive a comprehensive training plan every time you're in to train - based on your goals and current fitness level.  

  • strength training
  • weight loss
  • athletic performance
  • health and wellness
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