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3 reasons our group classes are perfect for the busy fitness go-er

Let's face is busy.  With work, family, kids, driveways to shovel, lawns to mow, and everything in between, it can be tough to make it to the gym...but finding consistency year round is a HUGE part of the equation to success.  And we've got you are 3 (of the many!) reasons why our Group Fitness classes are perfect for your busy lifestyle!

Reason #1

60 minutes of structured, coached training with a flexible schedule.

All of our classes are 60 minutes start to finish - so you know exactly how long you're going to be at the gym...schedule it in to your day/week and don't miss a single workout.  And with our classes, we do all the leg work for you - each class is fully structured and coached by one of our team all you have to do is get to the gym, tie up your shoes, and work your butt off.  We write the workout for you, instruct on how to do it, and coach you along the way...and our unique format allows all fitness levels from gym rats to beginners to get a great workout every single guesswork!!  Did I mention we run classes 6X daily Monday-Friday?? Our classes run at 6am, 7am, 9am, Noon, 5:30pm, and 6:30pm, as well as 8:30/9:30/10:30am on whatever your schedule is we've got a class for you!

Reason #2

Our Circuits Shred Fat and Improve your Game!

Everyone wants to look great on the beach, right?! Well our high-intensity style classes shred fat and our full-body approach makes sure you don't miss any body parts...have everything tight and looking fine when its time for the beach! And an added benefit to our classes? They'll improve your game...whether it's snowboarding, skiing, golf, slo-pitch, soccer, beach volleyball or something in between, our style of fitness will improve your strength and athleticism, elevating whichever game it is you love to play...look great and be's a win-win!

Reason #3

It's FUN!

We take a lot of pride in creating and harbouring a fun and engaging atmosphere.  Yes, we expect you to work hard when you're in one of our classes, but we make it fun, and everyone is there for the same it's easy to make new friends and have a blast! You shouldn't dread going to the gym, and with our classes, that's just not the case...why not enjoy going to the gym!?

So what's not to love!? And the first class is FREE to try, so what are you waiting for????

For full class details and pricing click HERE

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