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5 summertime nutrition tips

With summer here and BBQ season upon us, it can be easy to let all of those hard earned winter gym hours go by the wayside and see our progress slip during the sunny season. With beers and barbecues aplenty, here are 5 nutrition tips to keep you on track this summer, while still letting you enjoy this glorious time of year.


If you have a choice, stick with lean cuts of meat first, and skip the processed stuff. Lean Steak, chicken and pork chops are all the leanest choices, but a burger will do just fine as well. Skip the ribs (I know I’m sorry!) and skip the hot dogs and smokies.


If there’s burgers and hot dogs on the grill, forego the bun and dress up your meal without it. Burgers are better than hot dogs, and make a lettuce wrapped burger with veggies and condiments. Most BBQ buns are cheap, enriched white flour and empty carbs of no real value to you. Skip the bun but keep the protein.


No, potato salad does not count as salad. Skip the creamy salads (potato, macaroni, etc) or opt for a very small serving. Get some green salad on your plate instead - load your plate with lean meats and greens before the creamy stuff


We all know that booze and barbecues are very close friends. When you hit that BBQ, either abstain (every party needs a designated driver), or choose drinks that are low calorie, low carb options. Booze is very calorically dense, and even a few drinks can really throw a wrench in your caloric intake. Skip the margaritas or pina coladas (which are hundreds of calories each) skip regular beer, and skip sugary high balls. Instead opt for highballs with soda and lemon or lime wedges, wine spritzers (again with club soda), or low carb, low calorie beer. Making good drink choices can really have a caloric impact on your day. A night of 6 margaritas (roughly 500 calories each) can be upwards of and above 3000 calories, while a night of 6 white wine spritzers (100 calories each) is gonna be in the 600-800 calorie range. A 6 pack of budweisers is gonna run you 900+ calories and 60g+ of carbs, while 6 Michelob Ultras will run you around 600 calories and less than 15g of carbs. Choose wisely!!

#5. Keep Moving

Summertime can be really busy - lots of get togethers, lake time, lawn maintenance, golf, slowpitch, patio parties, among many other things - but it shouldn’t be an excuse to skip the gym and throw all of that hard earned work from the winter away…try to keep a consistent gym schedule - it might not be as frequent as the wintertime, but set a schedule and keep it. Summertime tends to be busier and more active than the winter, so keep the gym, get out for a daily walk, and keep on moving!

Weight control is always about calories in vs calories out, and the more you move, the more you burn. We always preach balance for our clients - and summertime activities should be fun and engaging. Just keep these 5 tips in mind for a successful summer and keep moving towards your goals. Remember consistency is number 1 in this fitness journey!

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