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Expanded Gym Hours!

Starting on January 6, 2020, we are now open until 9pm on weekdays! What does this mean for you?? Well if you are a Personalized Programs client, it means you can come in later and workout until 9pm. So now your weekday booking hours are now 6am-1pm, and 3:30pm-9pm. Awesome, right?

And if you're a Group Fitness client, it means there's a later workout waiting for you! If you can't make a regularly scheduled class time, you are now able to complete the daily workout anytime between 7:30-9pm. There won't be a set class time during this period, but you can come in, warmup, and one of our coaches will provide you with the deets on the class and coach you through it as needed. All other class times remain the same, but now you've got more flexibility in the later part of your day. It's perfect for you shift workers, busy parents, or if you get stuck working late...never miss a workout again!

Check the schedule for full details:

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