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Client Success: We're More than a Gym Pass

We are not your average gym - we offer a brand of fitness that is incredibly successful.  We harbour client success in all facets of fitness - from athletes making the next level with our Athletic Performance Program, to clients finally looking how they want with our Body Recomposition Program, to clients who lose weight, feel strong and healthy, and actually ENJOY coming to the gym for the first time in their lives with our Group Fitness Program - we create client success in all forms and from all wakes of life. But why?  Why are we different and why is our fitness so successful?  There is more than a simple answer to that equation, but here are a few reasons why we offer a value-added fitness, and why it’s an equation for your success.

Our Culture and Environment

We LOVE our gym there’s no bones about it.  Our training staff are all full-time employees at the gym - it’s not something we do on the side after our “real jobs” because we like the gym.  We are fitness professionals, we work hard at honing our craft, and we LOVE the gym. We’re here every day working with you.  OH, and we’re also highly successful and accomplished strength athletes.  You ever hear the idiom “Success breeds success?” Why wouldn’t you want your fitness led by a team of people who themselves are highly successful in the fitness industry? We provide our clients with daily expectations for their individual abilities and make sure they stay on task while they’re at the gym.  The result? Consistent efforts, and more consistency yields greater results.

Appointment-Based Training

Ever feel more obligated to do something because you had an appointment?  We know how you feel, and that’s one of the reasons why we use an appointment based program.  You are much more likely to make it to the gym if you’re booked for a training session, and not just supposed to go after work.  Set your appointments for the week (or the month!) and stick to them.  We talk about consistency being oh so important to progress, and having set appointments for your training sessions is going to keep you on track.

Training Structure

We do not have clients come and go and do their own thing - all of our clients are under our tutelage and expertise.  With our Group Fitness Classes, all of our clients come in and get coached through one of our butt hhhwoopin’ workouts, and for our Personalized Programs, clients get their own personalized workout each and every session.  The result? NO GUESSWORK!! Ever been to the gym before and wondered, “Should I be doing this?” or “I wonder how to do that exercise” Well those are things of the past with us.  We know you’re busy, and researching fitness programs for hours can be exhausting and overwhelming.  We always have expert training staff on hand to coach you with technique, keep you working hard, and keeping your goals in mind.  The result? A fitness program designed for your success.

Empowerment through Teaching

We pride ourselves on being a teaching facility.  We want our members to learn and get better…progress and knowledge is empowering!! We have so many clients that are new to working out when they start with us, and rightly so can be intimidated out of the gate.  But fear not! We work hard at educating and coaching our members, and when you start to learn and get better at this fitness thing, you feel a sense of accomplishment, which will keep you hungry to keep you coming back for more.  I can only imagine the frustration of some people who have been going to the gym for years and not getting any closer to their goals.  With our structured programs you get the expert programming and the coaching along the way.  I can’t tell you how many people we’ve worked with that were worried about lifting weights or worried about certain exercises and after some coaching and technique improvements they’re feeling more confident, are seeing more results, and are feeling empowered and loving coming to the gym.  It’s infectious!!!

Friendly, Encouraging Members

I can’t say enough about the amazing community of members we have at Xconditioning.  Everyone is working towards the same result (their personal goals), and everyone in the gym is pulling for you.  Whether you’re a first timer or a pro athlete, the strong sense of community always makes you feel at home.  No one is ever judging you or criticizing you, they’re pulling for you.  How great is it to walk into the gym and always be greeted by a friendly face or two who’s sweating it out just like you are, rooting for you just like you’re rooting for them.  The friendships developed at our gym are strong and plentiful!! It always feels like home when you walk through the doors, and that’s a darn good feeling.

It’s Always Fun and Engaging!

There’s always hard work to be done, but we create an atmosphere that’s fun and workouts that are engaging.  Our unique class structure keeps you moving and having fun while you do it.  Being bored is not something that happens too often inside our walls, and that is going to keep you coming back for more.  SERIOUSLY, WHY NOT ENJOY GOING TO THE GYM!?!

We provide a gym culture that breeds success, we provide structure and world-class workouts, we coach you along the way, we have an amazing training staff and an even more amazing community of supportive members…we keep the workouts fun and engaging and empower you through knowledge and progress.  Our members get so much more that just a plain old gym pass…it’s value-added fitness with your best results in mind.  Have you switched gyms yet?

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